Still Manufacturing Spa Covers in Perth!

We are still manufacturing custom covers right here in Perth. Our office hours are 7am-1pm Weekdays (or by special appointment), but we will GLADLY TAKE YOUR CALL AT ANY TIME! Order your Spa Cover in Perth.

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WA Made Spa Covers - WA Birthmark

For all your Spa Cover needs,
Locally Manufactured in Perth

Prestige Spa Covers Welcomes You

Prestige Spa Covers is a wholly W.A. owned and operated business.

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Order your Spa Cover in Perth.

Prestige Spa Covers is a wholly WA owned and operated business and has been for over 30 years.

We are currently the ONLY Perth based manufacturer of Spa Covers. Beware of imports!

During our extensive time in operation, we’ve mastered the art of crafting the finest quality spa covers for your spa in Perth. Being locally based, we also have fast turnaround times – so you get your Spa Cover faster!

Our unique design makes our cover the QUALITY cover. There are plenty of cheap imitations, however we pride ourselves on using only the finest grade materials and durable design in the process of our manufacturing right here in Carlisle.

Our hard, vinyl wrapped covers are beautiful on the outside and sturdy on the inside. Our covers include foam strengthened with metal linings, a bespoke heat seal and double stitching. This is something that most spa covers simply can’t match!

For your peace of mind and safety, ALL covers come with lockable straps and keys as a precautionary safety feature.

Why should you choose a PRESTIGE SPA COVER?

  • Made in Perth – so you get it fast and manufactured to our ultra-high standards
  • Reduces water evaporation which may result in a reduced water bill
  • Keeps your water cleaner by preventing insects, dust and dirt from entering the spa
  • Helps to maintain and regulate water temperature, which may reduce your power and gas bill
  • Every cover comes with lockable straps, an additional and safety conscious feature
  • They look beautiful – it’s what your spa deserves!

Print off our order forms for a quote, fill in the form below or call us on 9361 3292 if you have any questions!

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